This site-specific installation featuring a zine was produced for the space of Tütün Deposu (Istanbul) on the occasion of the exhibition Up above was fog, down below was a cloud of dust (January-March 2020). Thinking about the historically and socially charged space of Tütün Deposu—currently functioning as a not-for-profit exhibition and event space for culture, arts and critical debate in the city center of Istanbul with a focus on practices which deal with historical and contemporary social issues—, I was drawn to accentuate the columns of the space. Building a connection between the function of the chorus in a tragedy as the conscience and guide to the audience and the columns as an architectural feature that holds and relays the tensions between the different elements of a building, I used some of the hooks and nails that already existed in the space to connect all the columns to each other. Next to each column in a zine that collates visual and text-driven materials that I have collected in the exhibition process. In dialogue with the form of the chorus book, the zines are also hung and lit as to draw attention to the particularities of this space. Imagining a multiplicity of voices reading, interpreting, and performing this zine is central to this work. I have performed a reading of this work on February 14, 2020, encouraging other viewers to interact with the material in their own way.