From a Wandering Window

Still from From a Wandering Window, 2019. 12 min 46 secs. Single-channel silent HD video.

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With From a Wandering Window (2019), I pursue and record the vantage points of a window, which I claim was displaced on its own accord. I begin with a piece of narrative based on the history of a historically and culturally-charged space—a mosque in my neighborhood (Kağıthane, Istanbul) that sits across the river from the relatively new home of the state archives—, “the window frames had fallen, doves had built nests inside, and spider webs had covered the walls.” This window started wandering at this moment of dilapidation in 1974. The first section of From a Wandering Window is a reversal of the bird’s-eye-view, starting at the building of origin. The high-contrast black and white footage aims to underscore the artifice of the image, spliced with short sequences of found footage—a controlled demolishment site and migrating swallow nests in construction sand.

Camera and editing by Ali Taptık.