A Transmitted Dialogue

A Transmitted Dialogue, 2019. 10 min 12 sec audio. Installation view from From a Wandering Window at Bilsart, Istanbul, December 2019.

To listen to the track, please click here.

A Transmitted Dialogue (2019) is a sound collage, made from audio recordings of NASA. Cutting and splicing sentences and phrases from various recordings, I wrote a new dialogue. With this dialogue based off of descriptions—while one party can see, the other can’t—, I am interested in finding out when a narrative and a description begin to lose their function as well as the encounter with what has never been seen before. 

As seen in the installation view above, A Transmitted Dialogue functioned as the soundtrack to From a Wandering Window in an exhibition at Bilsart, Istanbul in 2019.

Sound editing by Emin Yu