Meşguliyetler (Things happening), 5533, Istanbul, 2014


A note to announce what’s happening at 5533 for the next few months: 
As the new host and guest of 5533, I’d like to think about 5533’s programming in conjunction with the daily order of İMÇ and the consequent stability. What would be the point of bringing to a physical space productions/activities such as translating and arts writing that support visual arts out of the spotlight? I will be hopefully activating 5533’s space with workshops on arts writing and translating, reading groups, screening programs. I imagine the programming to serve as an open invitation to build a bridge between these types of labors and a space in which collaborations and conversations can take place.
You can follow my schedule at 5533 via #5533. The library and office space of 5533 will be available for use during the indicated hours.