Live Works, Free School of Performance, Centrale Fies, Dro

As researcher in residence during the Free School of Performance held at Centrale Fies, I drafted the below artists’ contract. This draft can be adapted to different contexts and situations.

23 Jul 2015
Centrale Fies
c/o Live Works

Artists’ Contract

The Setup

  1. An open call for applications for performance works was made. There was a nominal application fee.
  2. Nine artists (seven individual artists and two collectives, one constituent of three members and the other constituent of two members), hereby referred to as entities, were selected. They participated in a ten-day residency at Centrale Fies to produce the works proposed in their application, which would then compete in a three-day festival at the end of July 2015. The winner is to be rewarded with a 1000 EUR prize.
  3. Each entity received a 200 EUR travel budget to come to and from Centrale Fies for the residency.
  4. Each entity received a 800 EUR production budget, to be spent and accounted for within the individual needs of each project.
  5. Accommodation for each entity, including basic housing needs, was provided.
  6. Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) were provided.
  7. All entities received feedback on multiple occasions about their proposed projects through individual meetings with the curators and some members of the Centrale Fies staff.
  8. The Free School of Performance, part of the residency, provided the physical setups for film screenings initiated by the entities, as well as reading groups that entities could partake in to enrich their projects.
  9. Each entity had a one-hour studio visit, including the curators of Live Works, the director and administrative staff of Centrale Fies and a researcher (Merve Unsal) and usually, the eight entities.
  10. Centrale Fies has a new collection of performance works that are preserved on site. The entities were asked to consider transferring whatever they deemed fit to the collection. Discussions of the nature and constituency of this transfer were had between the Centrale Fies staff, the curators, and the entities.
  11. On the eighth day of the residency, the researcher proposed to write out a contract that would facilitate the delineation of the responsibilities and the material reality of this transfer.

The Works

  1. The works at hand vary both in material and in the interpretation of the nature of performance. While some of the performances include objects that can be transferred to the Centrale Fies collection as stand-ins or reminders of what happened during the festival, other performances remain intangible in terms of object production. Some works include production of texts and/or exchange of labor, while others rely on the artist’s delivery of specialized knowledge and skills.
  2. As the works were incubated in a closely-knit social and intellectual setting over the course of ten days, it is possible to propose that the works are specific, temporally and spatially, to Centrale Fies, in July 2015.
  3. It is thus possible to further propose that the works already belong to the entities and Centrale Fies, collectively and inseparably.

The Conditions

  1. If the entities choose to leave the material remains of the works at Centrale Fies, the objects are to be preserved by Centrale Fies as they are and always in relationship to the documentation of the works that were realized during the festival. The objects are never to be considered as works but as chronotopic representations that can be used for educational and promotional purposes for Centrale Fies and Live Works.
  2. The material remains should always be credited to the entities and the specific framework of Live Works in conjunction with Centrale Fies.
  3. If there are no material remains of the performance, the entities should denote the non-material addition to the Centrale Fies collection. This addition can be a material post-remain, the documentation of the work itself, or can remain a process of negotiation between the entity and Centrale Fies, until an apt addition is conceived by the entity.
  4. At no point in these transfer of remains and/or documents should there be an exchange of currency.
  5. Centrale Fies acknowledges and accepts the additions to their collection as additions and not acquisitions.
  6. Centrale Fies will be responsible for the preservation of the material remains.
  7. The entities retain the rights to re-produce the original work and the material remains, crediting Centrale Fies and the Free Performance School in the production of the work.
  8. The entities can exhibit documentation of the work and can re-produce the material remains (if there is any) without seeking the permission of Centrale Fies and Live Works. The entities are obliged by this contract to give credit to Centrale Fies and Live Works. The entities are further obliged to notify Centrale Fies and Live Works of the exhibition and any consequent documentation.
  9. If at any point the Centrale Fies collection is liquidated for whatever reason, Centrale Fies is obliged to notify the entities. The works under this contract shall be returned to the entities, granted the entities have provided return addresses. The entities can also request the material destruction of the additions to the collection with due documentation.
  10. If the entities sell the works produced at Live Works, the profits of the sale shall remain with the entity. The entity is obliged to produce a distinguishing document between what was sold and what is included in the Centrale Fies collection.