Self-Doubt, 2016. Talk-work.

Self-Doubt was announced with the below text: 

Lecture-performance, as a format, is appropriate for those who pick on themselves. It is possible to emphasize the lecture or the performance—it has the sort of lightness that is good for those who do not want to set definitions. There is also the fleetingness of not having an object. It happens, it ends.

The word used to frame this lecture-performance series, “endişe” in Turkish can refer to many things, including worry, anxiety, fear, preoccupation. Basically anything. “Öz endişe”, roughly translated to self-doubt, is a made-up phrase in Turkish. The goal is to question whether this “feeling” can stem from within. Inside-outside, individual-social are only a few of the dichotomies that come to mind.

The artists participating in this series between 13-18 June 2016 at MARS (Istanbul) were given a week to produce the work. This call was “open” in terms of the length and the content of the work, researching whether it is possible to transform our current state of compression into something useful, like a fruit concentrate.

If not now, when?

Artists: Elmas Deniz, Didem Erbaş & Eren Sulamacı, Ceylan Öztrük, Merve Ünsal
Organized by Merve Ünsal