Pro-ject, 2015

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Pro-ject, 2015

Site-specific project developed in dialogue with curator Rusen Aktas
Art Rooms, Melià White House Hotel, London 23-26 January 2015
70 sheets of lined paper and ballpoint pens purchased  from Ryman, placed on all the available surfaces of the hotel room that was made available to Merve through the art fair, Art Rooms. On the sheets of papers were aphorisms, thoughts, questions, references and discussions of past work, manifestos, rules, questions on the works of others, e-mails received from employers with vague language, etc. All of the writing and drawings were performed during the artist’s stay preceding the installation. None of the sheets of paper were glued or attached to the surfaces in the room.

Artshift at Artrooms (excerpted from the Press Release)

Expanding its projects in London Artshift is presenting four artists from Turkey at the Artrooms; Didem Erbas, Merve Unsal, Eser Epozdemir and Ceren Bulut. The exhibition is curated by Rusen Aktas. Since the venue of Artrooms is a hotel and hotels function as temporary homes Rusen decided to work on the idea of mobility. “The age we live in is defined by mobility. We have all become nomads; at times even within the city we have settled down. We have also come to think that possessing less will enable us to move more freely hence adopting to a minimalist lifestyle. At times we dream of living in a suitcase but still taking our life styles with us. Hotels and airports are homes to new nomads.”

“For this exhibition I will attempt to reinterpret the hotel room as a temporary dwelling which could be packed into a luggage. We have been working on the idea with the artists who are all producing new works for this exhibition. This is generally how I would like to work; bring artists together around an idea and develop the project with their input. And the fact that all four artists have been modern nomads in their own way has made it more interesting on a personal level as well. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the artists for their contributions.”

Artshif is the only confirmed participant organization from Turkey taking part at the Artrooms.

Founded in 2012, Artshift is an organization that brings forth projects in contemporary art, culture and design and introduces these projects through exhibitions, publications and events.