Building a Narrative

Photo-note, Clemenceau, Beirut, 2015.

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Building A Narrative is a research-driven text that uses images and other texts as a scaffolding. It was published in ArteEast Quarterly in 2015. 

“A lot happens in artistic practice by and through talking. Talking about images, references, writing about the intended work, and most often, telling somebody about the work to be. The relationship between construction, two and three-dimensionality, language, the fissure between the material “reality” of structures, i.e. the physical things that constitute their structures as well as their flesh, and roles projected on to the structures… The below is intended as an exercise in form, or lack thereof. Most of the images are photographic notes (i.e. photographs I took). What happens over time to research, ideas, and images?”
—excerpted from the introduction